Youth in Government

Youth in Government: Oct-Nov
First Meeting: Oct 2016 
Sponsor Contact: Ms. Sloan for details

Each Thanksgiving week we invade the state Capitol and run a real-life legislature!  Students across Colorado and the nation create state governments and pass bills.  There is a place for you!  From senator to representative to Governor and beyond, there are many opportunities for high school students!  Additionally, you can be a member of the press, the Supreme Court, a lobbyist or a page.  This statewide program brings students together to propose solutions to timely topics in our society.  Issues from the Death Penalty to freedom of speech are constantly debated and voted on.  Learn parliamentary procedure, give speeches and have a blast as we spend three nights in the city of Denver!

Further, if interested you can pursue a national position at the Congress of National Affairs in North Carolina in the Great Smoky Mountains each summer.


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