Mock Trial Team


Mock Trial: Oct-March
First Meeting: Oct 2016 
Sponsor Contact: Ms. Sloan or Ms. Woelfel for details

 We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and occasionally Fridays. 

Come join the fun!  Solve a murder, take on a part as a witness or an attorney!  Present your defense and prosecution case before a real judge in a real courtroom.  Learn the rules of evidence and polish your acting skills. “Objection your honor, hearsay!”  Our season begins right around Halloween and continues through March! Join us for spaghetti dinners, brainstorming sessions, scrimmages and ultimately: the regional and state competitions.  

Since 1985, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) has proudly sponsored the CBA High School Mock Trial Program. This program is funded by the CBA Litigation Section and the Colorado Bar Foundation. This educational program is one of more than forty-five educational programs in Colorado and  is one of the leading and most respected programs in the country.


More than 100 high school teams participates in Colorado’s mock trial program. Approximately 1,500 students perform as attorneys and/or witnesses in a court case. Hundreds of attorneys, judges, teachers, and other community leaders volunteer their time to instruct students about the judicial system and the trial process through this educational program.

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