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The quality of your research is only as good as the integrity of your resources!  – TVail


Research Process Guide

Need to complete a research assignment?

Begin conducting research via the quality subscription online resources linked below.

From school or home, these resources are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Ready to access any of the PWHS Subscription Online Resources listed below?

Click the access button that corresponds with the resource of your choice.

You will be directed to a log-in screen.

Read the answers to the next two questions for log-in details.

Need usernames / passwords for A to Z, Questia School, and WebPath Express?

See Mrs. Vail in the media center.

Need log-in credentials to use NoodleTools?

Every first-time user is required to create a personal account.

Account set-up instructions follow the NoodleTools subscription online resource 

access button reflected below.

Interested in utilizing PWHS Subscription Reference e-Books, too?

Visit the Media Center / Other Resources page linked under

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Need the password to access PWHS Subscription Reference e-Books?

See Mrs. Vail in the media center.

Interested in also utilizing hardcover books?

Research PWHS OPAC linked HERE and then visit the media center

to borrow your selected books.

Need help writing your research paper?

Utilize these valuable Questia School research and writing tools, as follows:

How-To-Use Tutorials

Research Skills Tutorials

Topic Finder

9-Step Writing Guide

All are linked under the Questia School subscription online resource access button.

Ready to print your completed assignment at PWHS Media Center Print Station?

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Still have questions or concerns?

Contact Mrs. Vail, Media Specialist, either in the media center

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PWHS Subscription Online Resources

This extensive database provides access to 140,000+ downloadable and printable maps of every type, including outline, political, physical, thematic, climate, environment, historic, hurricane, earthquake, volcano, fire, plant / animal species distribution, current events, geology, topography, and weather.

This complete online resource provides all you need to know about the U.S.A. as a country, its fifty states, five territories, and Washington, D.C. Text, images, maps, photos, and timelines cover such topics as animals & plants, arts & culture, climate & weather, crime, demographics, economy, education, energy, flags & seals, food & recipes, gazetteer of places, geography & geology, government & politics, history, natural hazards, newspapers, radio, & television, parks, forests, & landmarks, recreation, and symbols. Interactive educational tools, such as printable crossword puzzles and the GeoFindIt! game, are also included.

This comprehensive database provides culture information on 175 countries worldwide, covering topics such as greetings, travel, gifts, religion, superstitions, women, time, holidays, stereotypes, lifecycles, and so much more!


NoodleTools integrates research and literacy by providing tools for citation, notecards, outlining, writing, and collaborative research.


NoodleTools / Account Set-Up:

First-time users need to follow these steps to create an account:

(1)  Click the NoodleTools access button.

(2)  Click REGISTER.

(3)  Enter School / Library Password.

       For this log-in credential, see Mrs. Vail in the media center.

(4)  Click CONTINUE.

(5)  Complete New User Registration.

(6)  Click REGISTER. 


NoodleTools / Help Desk:


Covering a wide range of subjects, this online academic library boasts 83,000 full-text books and 8 million full-text humanities and social science articles from 1,700+ reputable publications, including journals, magazines, and newspapers!  Questia School also provides each user with a broad range of convenient writing tools, including: Creating a personal account, searching topics, using a dictionary / thesaurus, highlighting content, taking notes, quoting passages, auto-creating citations / footnotes / bibliographies, utilizing print options, and saving multiple projects to help you complete assignments with ease.


Questia School / How-To-Use Tutorials:

Not sure how to use Questia School?  These videos will teach you:

Searching Our Library (2:10 min.)

Using Our Research Tools (2:51 min.)

Managing Your Projects (2:45 min.)

Writing a Research Paper (1:42 min.)

Assigning Questia School to Students (2:57 min.)

Completing Questia School Assignments (1:43 min.)


Questia School / Research Skills Tutorials:

Want to develop the skills needed to write a quality research paper?  Log in at this link:

By way of videos, lessons, and quizzes,  these helpful interactive tutorials cover:

Planning a Paper

Conducting Research

Using the Library

Evaluating Sources

Avoiding Plagiarism

Integrating Sources

Paraphrasing Sources

Summarizing Sources

Quoting Sources

Working with Documentation Styles


Questia School / Topic Finder:

Struggling to identify a topic for your research paper?  If so, log in at this link:!/topic-ideas/


Questia School / 9-Step Writing Guide:

Need help with the research paper writing process, from start to finish?  Log in at this link:!/9-steps-to-writing-research-paper

Steps include:

Getting Started

Selecting a Topic

Research & Note-Taking

Developing Your Thesis

Creating an Outline

Writing a Draft

Reviewing & Revising

Citations & Bibliography

Proofreading & Submitting


Questia School / Other Resources:

Need additional help?  Click for guidance:  Help

Want to truly learn the words necessary to understanding your course lectures, preparing for the SAT, or improving your speaking and writing word choice? will customize engaging lessons just for you!   If you need help establishing an account, joining a class, or creating a word list, see Mrs. Vail in the media center.


WebPath Express

FollettShelf’s WebPath Express is your portal to more than 100,000 educator-approved websites!  With these sites evaluated on a daily basis, you are assured appropriate, credible, and relevant information.


WebPath Express / Research Process:

(1)  Type topic in FollettShelf search bar and tap enter key.

(2)  Under Websites, click button labeled more websites

(3)  To target appropriate reading level, pay heed to grade levels (3-5, 6-8, 9-12) posted to the right of each website.

(4)  As needed, narrow search in any or all of these areas listed on the left:

      *     Domain (.edu, .gov, .info, .int, .net, .org, etc.)

      *     Format (animation, audio, biography, educational game, image collection, interactive, music, video, etc.)

      *     Language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, or Spanish)

      *     Lexile (If you don’t know your Lexile reading level, ask your English teacher.)

      *     Source (dictionary / thesaurus, encyclopedia, magazine, map / atlas, news source, primary source material)

      *     Topic (This enables you to more specifically identify your original search term.)

(5)  Click on website of your choice.

(6)  Click OK to open link in new window.

(7)  Repeat steps as necessary.

Note that FollettShelf also offers 21 e-books, any of which you may borrow by downloading onto your laptop!

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