Articles by Mark Koopman

FREE COLORADO College Application Day

Colorado Free College Application Day – Seniors- On October 30 all students can apply to all 32 public colleges and universities, as well as some private institutions, in Colorado for free. Applications must be submitted between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm on October 30, 2018 only. It is best to have all admission application materials prepared and reviewed before this date so you can submit a high-quality application. If you have questions, stop in the counseling office or Tracks Center. [READ MORE]

Welcome Letter from Mr. James, Principal

Please take note of the great information included in this year’s Principal’s Parent Letter to get our year started!  Registration setup is a little different this year and it is MANDATORY every year that InfoSnap be updated prior to registration on August 7th or 8th. Download (DOCX, 90KB) [READ MORE]

Class of 2021 – Graduation Requirements

Please follow the links to see the Colorado state approved graduation requirements for the class of 2021.  These requirements were passed into law in 2015 and have been in the works until this class started their high school career.  This is an opportunity to use multiple, different assessments to show college and career readiness in the areas of Mathematics and English during the course of the students high school career. Continue to the download below to see the requirements for 2021 graduation.  Download (PDF, 1.7MB) [READ MORE]
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