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The International Baccalaureate program is a rigorous course of study offered to juniors and seniors that prepares students for university study world-wide.

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Supercross event held in memory of Austin Schindler


| samlarson

This last Saturday, September 26th, motocross riders raced in honor of former PWHS student Austin Schindler. His name was adorned across the entire Budweiser Rodeo Arena at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. The price for this event was $17 which started at 6:00 P.M. All proceeds went towards the Austin Schindler Fund which helps support the Pueblo Youth Hockey. Racers from the ages of 4 to 60, on bikes as small as 50cc and as large as 450cc, competed in the Sports Riders Association of Colorado Supercross State Championship race. “This event will award the racers twice the amount of points for their positioning at the end of the year,” said Broc Schindler, Austin’s younger brother. “It’ll determine a lot of the racers’ standings for the year.” The halftime performance consisted of a performance by local professional freestyler Anthony Murray, Strider bike racing, and tandem racing. The Strider bike racing was open to kids four and younger. Tandem racing involves two racers on one bike and they switch after a lap. Skyler Kamer, one of Austin’s friends and former tandem race partner, “might ride around on Austin’s bike” says Broc. “The slide-show that was presented at his service will be shown,” said Broc, “and everything’s in his name.” These two brothers started […]

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Dress code; school law or administration opinion?


| selenasubia

Pueblo West High School’s motto is, “Respect is a way of life,” so what does our dress code have to do with respect? The handbook states that students are encouraged to express themselves; some students feel their clothes are the best representation of who they are. Generally students are encouraged to be themselves, however only as long as it is not a disruption or distraction. Administrators have the power to decide whether or not a student’s clothing is inappropriate or distracting. Such inappropriateness and distractions include showing too much skin, vulgar graphics, profanity, and pajamas. Students may disagree with these rules, but there are consequences to those who violate them regardless. There is a lot of confusion about the dress code because the handbook  states “modifications can be made to the dress code.” This means that there are rules but administrators can also give their opinions and make suggestions. For example,  junior Addison Puffer said, “I was wearing shorts and Gomez told me they were inappropriate, but when I asked Marcus if they were inappropriate he said, ‘No they’re fine.’” This incident reveals that the administrators may not always agree with each other as to what violates the dress code. These differences tend to confuse the students, resulting in unintentionally […]

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Confederate flag controversy


| admin

Ever since the tragic shooting that that took place at a South Carolina church, the Confederate flag has resurfaced in the public eye. Recently, two students at Pueblo West High School, Cody Stalcar and Tanner Crapeau, have found themselves in the center of this controversy for displaying the confederate flag on their vehicles. Some see it as a symbol of heritage and pride, a representation of ancestry and lifestyle. Others…as one of hate, oppression and racism. It is a symbol that is offensive to not only members of the nation, but to members of our community. I have no doubt that both opinions are valid, but the latter is the one that holds greater weight. The fact that the flag offends citizens is the very reason it should go. I’m sure our students don’t mean to offend people, but knowing that they are offending people in the community should be enough incentive to remove the flag. When incentive doesn’t do the job, it is essential that matters be taken into the hands of the authorities to have the flag removed. If you really want to show pride in your country try using the American flag. Sometimes we fail to see a different perspective. It is easier to […]

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