The End to a New Beginning

The senior chant is, “So fresh, so clean, we’re the class of 2016.” This is it, this is your time to shine, seniors. This is your time to decide what you want and where you want to be in the future. This is your last year to be a kid to make good decisions that turn out to be bad, to have those fun nights at Sonic, and to enjoy your friends’ company. When asked about being a senior, Hannah Pritts replied, “Basically, if you aren’t having at least one stress induced meltdown a week, you aren’t doing it right.”  Senior year is about making friends and memories you won’t forget. High school is a time to make memories and find out who you want to be and who you really are as a person. High school was about finding your clique. Whether you were a athlete, nerd, musician, cheerleader, IB student, fishing club member, or even if you didn’t have specific place, you were always a part of something. There was never an opportunity where you couldn’t fit in.  Being a senior is a time for lasts- last dances, last sporting events, last spirit weeks, and last high school crushes. In an interview with Jessie Clardy, she said,“This may be […] [Read More]

West taking on South during rivalry: the history

The South vs. Pueblo West soccer rivalry is a well-known event held every year. The last two year record between the two teams is two wins for West, two wins for South, and one tie. West’s two losses were heart wrenching because both of these games were won in double overtime when South only had one single shot compared to West’s twenty. It became a matter of converting opportunities which West was unable to do. These two teams are fighting for more than just the win every time they meet. It is a personal war for every individual on the field, and a loss is seen as unacceptable. Senior Ethan Horton says, “To me it brings feelings of pride; it feels like that game determines the future of our soccer season and if we win we will have the determination and will to win the SCL.” This year, West played South a total of three times, racking in two wins and a tie. The first game, played early in the season at Pueblo West stadium, went to West in a close 2-1 game. The second game ended with an easy 4-0 win also going to West, which was played at the Air Academy stadium. Finally, the most crucial game, determining which teams […] [Read More]

Lockdown at Pueblo County

On Wednesday October 7, a sophomore girl attending Pueblo County walked through the halls around 9 A.M in a trench coat and gas mask. According to KOAA ,the school was immediately locked down, and SWAT in the area responded quickly. The girl was detained, and police officials were not sure what her intentions were. After further investigation, they found out the girl was dressed as she was for a “Halloween prank.” The students are safe, and no one was hurt. No weapons were found at the school. KOAA says that the sheriff’s office and the school district will work together to practice for these scenarios so they know how to handle them. [Read More]

Supercross event held in memory of Austin Schindler

This last Saturday, September 26th, motocross riders raced in honor of former PWHS student Austin Schindler. His name was adorned across the entire Budweiser Rodeo Arena at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. The price for this event was $17 which started at 6:00 P.M. All proceeds went towards the Austin Schindler Fund which helps support the Pueblo Youth Hockey. Racers from the ages of 4 to 60, on bikes as small as 50cc and as large as 450cc, competed in the Sports Riders Association of Colorado Supercross State Championship race. “This event will award the racers twice the amount of points for their positioning at the end of the year,” said Broc Schindler, Austin’s younger brother. “It’ll determine a lot of the racers’ standings for the year.” The halftime performance consisted of a performance by local professional freestyler Anthony Murray, Strider bike racing, and tandem racing. The Strider bike racing was open to kids four and younger. Tandem racing involves two racers on one bike and they switch after a lap. Skyler Kamer, one of Austin’s friends and former tandem race partner, “might ride around on Austin’s bike” says Broc. “The slide-show that was presented at his service will be shown,” said Broc, “and everything’s in his name.” These two brothers started […] [Read More]

A Bollywood Homecoming 2015

Homecoming is the time students get dolled up and go have fun with friends. With it in a week, students are planning on how they are going to attack the day to get ready for this night they will never forget. I asked students around the high school, “How do you get ready for homecoming?” First, Brianna Chavez says, “I like to get my cleaned up and get my hair ready to style. Then I do the usual make-up, put on my dress, go take pictures, go out to eat, and then head over to the dance.” For Madi Harris it is a different story because she is in STUCO. Maddi says, “Well for me, I wake up and head over to the high school to help set up the dance. Once I finish that I go home and do my hair and make-up while I jam out to my music. Then I do that fun stuff of putting on my dress and taking pictures and eating with the group. Then we head out to the dance!” It is a lot easier for Ethan Mascarenas to get ready than Madi and Brianna. With it only taking twenty minutes to get ready, […] [Read More]

Dress code; school law or administration opinion?

Pueblo West High School’s motto is, “Respect is a way of life,” so what does our dress code have to do with respect? The handbook states that students are encouraged to express themselves; some students feel their clothes are the best representation of who they are. Generally students are encouraged to be themselves, however only as long as it is not a disruption or distraction. Administrators have the power to decide whether or not a student’s clothing is inappropriate or distracting. Such inappropriateness and distractions include showing too much skin, vulgar graphics, profanity, and pajamas. Students may disagree with these rules, but there are consequences to those who violate them regardless. There is a lot of confusion about the dress code because the handbook  states “modifications can be made to the dress code.” This means that there are rules but administrators can also give their opinions and make suggestions. For example,  junior Addison Puffer said, “I was wearing shorts and Gomez told me they were inappropriate, but when I asked Marcus if they were inappropriate he said, ‘No they’re fine.'” This incident reveals that the administrators may not always agree with each other as to what violates the dress code. These differences tend to confuse the students, resulting in unintentionally […] [Read More]

How to Do an In- Quotation in MLA

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How to Produce an Examination Paper

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